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Businesses who use VoIP and PBX calling systems can reduce their monthly communications costs with 8x8 Inc.'s SIP trunking. In order to increase productivity and save money on local, long distance, international calls, videoconferencing and overall call managements systems, companies are switching over to 8x8 SIP trunking.



Virtual Office

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8x8 SIP Trunking Editorial Review

Businesses spending exorbitant finance on long-term commitment IP PBX calling agreements are able to reduce the monthly cost of communications with SIP trunking. Unified voice and data network is an effective and efficient method of creating an integrated system of communications. 

With 8x8 SIP Trunking clients save money on local, long distance, toll-free, and international calling, as well as videoconferencing, contact center operations and hosted PBX. Virtual PBX and Cloud PBX hosting in 8x8 SIP is one of the best methods of increasing productivity and sustainable profits.

The B2B solution for IP PBX clients, 8x8 customers retain existing: broadband services, phone numbers, and of course, IP PBX systems and phones. Total integration in IP PBX means that customer also enjoy unlimited calling across an entire network of communications at a fraction of the market cost. Leverage 8x8's world class service and technical support in creation of a custom, unified communications system.

8x8 SIP Trunking is a global business-class voice solution offering advanced technological proficiency in IP-enabled phone systems. With SIP-enabled phone systems companies can increase performance in communications operations, automatically. The 8x8 world-class SIP Trunk service extends digital voice network operations to branch offices and remote workers. Companies can add Toll-free numbers, as well as inbound and outbound, nationwide calling rates. 

Scalability in 8x8 Virtual Trunking affords enterprises an alternative in unified communications. SIP Trunking services are compatible with virtually any IP PBX. 8x8 customers have unlimited access to concurrent calling, as well as a range of communications services at their fingertips. Here are some standard software applications offered via the 8x8 service network:

Virtual Office

The basic VoIP phone service that maximizes the potential of an extended network of users across distance. 

Virtual Office Pro

Unified business communications: VoIP phone services, videoconferencing, internet fax, and call recording features.

Virtual Office Mobile

Portability of unified communications in an iOS app for iPad and iPhone users. 

Virtual Contact Center Hosted call center solution offering customer relations management (CRM) capabilities in support of sales and help desk operations. 

Virtual Meeting

The global Web-conferencing solution for virtual meetings. 

Virtual Room

Voice, video and content sharing applications all in one video conferencing solution.
Meet the demands of distributed operations networks. Unified communications systems are vital to companies seeking competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Virtual Office solutions and Virtual Meeting services by 8x8 bring stakeholders to the table, anywhere, any time. 

Whether co-working, consulting, or employed in a multi-scale organization, 8x8 integrated communications infrastructure offers B2B clients one simple solution to information overload. Bridge organizations use 8x8 videoconferencing capabilities to make business process outsourcing strategy decisions in unison, and meet project deliverables on time. 

With 8x8 all users have access to the same features and functionality. No expensive equipment to maintain, and continuous update of Web-based software application as system (SaaS) translates into zero time to IT communications operations. Record discussions, fax online, conduct meetings, and download the 8x8 iPhone app with Virtual Office Pro.

Call Center SaaS by 8x8 is easy to deploy and on-demand. Once the Call Center SaaS is integrated into a client’s enterprise network, customer services and sales infrastructure is up and running. Rather than expend a disproportionate budget on new communications equipment and network architecture, companies can benefit from 8x8 subscription to pay-per-usage SaaS. 

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center is a suite of inbound and outbound technologies, including ACD universal queuing of multimedia contacts and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with self-serve options. Skills based routing puts clients into direct contact with skilled agents via computer Telephony Integration (CTI). The Web Callback API populates CRM automatically, so that customers request for a callback from a company’s website is not lost in the system. 

Collaboration tools enable multimedia management of CRM interactions on telephony, email, and web chat. Real-time monitoring and reporting provide continuous tracking of CRM and call center performance. Operations managers can use 8x8 Call Center call recording and logging, as well as metric reporting to guide strategic decisions. The Virtual Contact Center also contains a FAQ Knowledgebase for quick answers to customer questions. Increase customer loyalty with the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center application. 

Simple, easy to manage, 8x8 is the next phase in SIP Trunking solutions.


Plan Details

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a full business phone system that provides users with affordable and advanced business solutions over an internet connection. With Virtual Office, customers can make, receive and transfer calls thanks to the Virtual Office Softphone. Voicemails can be deleted, listened to or download for your convenience. Call forwarding settings can be updated and you can see your corporate phone directory online.

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  • Regular Price: $19.99/month
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  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

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  • Call Blocking
  • Call Conferencing